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Planned Preventative Maintenance in Guildford, Basingstoke and the South
Located in Southampton

Planned preventative maintenance, which is also referred to as scheduled maintenance, is a program of works undertaken on a one-off or contract basis to prevent the breakdown of commercial electrical and plumbing systems. By choosing preventative maintenance, our clients can save money on long-term repair costs and keep their businesses fully operational.

Based in Southampton, B. Knights Electrical Ltd has commercial electricians and plumbers operating in the surrounding Basingstoke and Guildford areas, across the South Coast, and in all parts of the South East and the South West.

For your electrical needs, we can offer the following:

  • Inspection and testing to stop instances of power loss

  • Inspection and testing of emergency lighting

  • Consumer board, fuse board and RCD testing

  • Portable appliance (PAT) testing

  • Inspection and testing of extractor fans

  • Electrical system fault-finding, maintenance and repair

For your plumbing needs, B. Knights Electrical Ltd can assist with:

See what clients say about planned preventative maintenance services from B. Knights Electrical Ltd by reading the testimonials provided.

The Benefits of Planned Preventative Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance on time-based or condition-based terms. With time-based services, our commercial electricians and plumbers inspect, test and maintain at intervals scheduled around the needs of your premises. We arrange condition-based maintenance around key indicators such as older installations or those which have frequent faults.

Clients in Southampton, and those in Basingstoke, Guildford and the South of England, can enjoy a full range of benefits from our services:

While we understand that many of our clients are trying to run their businesses in increasingly challenging times, we firmly believe that planned preventative maintenance is a sensible choice that will ultimately save time, money and resources. While we will always be here to attend to reactive maintenance and repair callouts, B. Knights Electrical Ltd can help to make your business safer, less prone to needing emergency services and more profitable.

We help you by evaluating your needs and recommending a maintenance schedule that works for you and the way you like to do business. Our team of commercial electricians and plumbers monitor the condition of electrical, water and gas systems to reduce the potential for unexpected breakdowns.

For planned preventative maintenance, call 02382 180365 or 07587 263918. Located in Southampton, we cover Basingstoke, Guildford and the South of England.
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