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Emergency Reactive Repair Callouts in Guildford
from Accredited Commercial Electricians

Planned preventative maintenance carried out by qualified commercial electricians is, and always will be, the best way for any business in Guildford to keep the cost of running electrical, plumbing and gas systems under complete control. Reactive maintenance, emergency electrical callouts and emergency plumbing services serve a purpose, but it is always better to schedule maintenance and repair work proactively.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the spending power to go with planned preventative maintenance. Emergency reactive repair callouts give clients an option to have plumbing and electrical work undertaken when they lose power or systems fail.

It is better to think of reactive repair callouts as being different to emergency electrical callouts (where there is often an immediate risk of danger to people and property). You should consider reactive maintenance and repairs as urgently required work, and not necessarily as emergencies.

We can dispatch commercial electricians and plumbers to any location in Guildford and the surrounding areas, offering our clients three different response times for emergency reactive repair callouts so that they can control costs and timescales.

If you don’t have a planned maintenance programme in place, the very least a reactive repair service will do is get your business operational again. With faster response times, it may be the case that the overall cost of reactive plumbing, heating or electrical work will be higher than if you can wait.

Planned Preventative Maintenance vs Reactive Maintenance

Reactive repairs have their place in our sector in much the same way as emergency electrical callouts. In fact, some of our clients in Guildford benefit from NOT having a planned preventative maintenance plan in place. Not all businesses have the money, the scope or the resources in place to need a scheduled maintenance plan.

Reactive services do have several benefits:

For small businesses with lower expenditures, the above benefits may seem very appealing. Keep in mind that while we offer emergency reactive repair callouts, anything “reactive” is always riskier, uses up more time, will almost always cost you more and will usually prove to be somewhat disruptive compared to planned plumbing and electrical work.

Planned preventative maintenance from our commercial electricians and plumbers affords our Guildford clients a different series of benefits:

While planned maintenance will cost you more initially, any work associated with reactive maintenance, or with emergency reactive repair callouts and emergency electrical callouts, will see your overall expenditure increase the more you have to use reactive services. We can assist you with each or all of these services. Please call us today to discuss your needs and requirements.

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