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Planned Preventative Maintenance in Basingstoke
A Cost-Effective Alternative to Reactive Maintenance

B. Knights Electrical Ltd, located in Southampton, is the company to trust for plumbing and electrical work, including reactive maintenance, emergency reactive repair callouts and emergency electrical callouts in Basingstoke. We have a team of commercial electricians and plumbers which can assist with each of these services, but we are also available to help you with your planned preventative maintenance needs.

It makes sense that some companies, especially those which are smaller in size, opt for reactive repairs or emergency callouts to keep costs down. Not paying for preventative maintenance may seem like a way to save money until systems suffer from a breakdown.

Under these circumstances, commercial entities in Basingstoke will need to use the commercial electricians and plumbers at B. Knights Electrical Ltd for emergency electrical callouts or emergency plumbing services.

This is where the costs can really start to add up.

Planned preventative maintenance offers the following benefits:

We believe that a proactive approach to scheduled maintenance and repair work will not only be better for your business, but it will also benefit your staff and your customers too.

Smoother Business Operations

Electricity, water and gas are essential to business operations because they provide workplaces with power, light, toilet facilities and heating. Most systems will need some sort of supply to remain operational. When any of these systems fail, it causes disruption to output and could make the workspace dangerous for employees. Reactive electrical work and emergency reactive repair callouts offer a solution, but not in the most cost-effective manner.

Likewise, emergency electrical callouts won’t always fit the bill.

Planned preventative maintenance gives our Basingstoke clients the unique opportunity to have plant, machinery, equipment and systems monitored on a one-off or periodical basis. Our commercial electricians and plumbers can take on smaller repairs, and maintain your systems, so that you don’t need to spend money on reactive or emergency callout services.

This helps to make your business run more smoothly.

Fewer Disruptions

B. Knights Electrical Ltd can organise planned preventative maintenance around the needs of your business, even if it means that our commercial electricians and plumbers need to work outside of your own trading hours. We know that the last thing your business needs is disruption. The loss of a power or water supply could start costing you money from the first minute onwards and leave you facing an uphill battle to recover financially.

Reactive maintenance, emergency reactive repair callouts and emergency electrical callouts all serve a purpose for businesses in the Basingstoke area without a scheduled maintenance plan in place. Even so, we think it is much wiser, and cheaper, to book in for scheduled (or planned) plumbing and electrical work where smaller issues are dealt with before they grow into something worse.

Call our commercial electricians and plumbers on 02382 180365 or 07587 263918. We offer planned preventative maintenance services in Basingstoke.
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